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Based in London and the South East of England and operating across the UK. Offering valueable acoustic consultant services on a wide range of topics for medium and small projects. Undertaking acoustic survey, testing, assessment, design and specification work, including:

  • Acoustic survey London
  • Sound insulation testing
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Discharge of planning conditions
  • Architectural acoustics design advice
  • Reverberation control, room acoustics
  • Noise control specifications for building services
  • Room Acoustics prediction modelling in CATT-Acoustic software
  • Specifications to achieve suitable levels of privacy within office environments
  • BB93 design review and advice pertaining to the acoustic design of schools
  • BS5228 construction site noise assessment and report
  • BS4142 noise impact assessment and report
  • BS8233 noise ingress assessment and report
  • Approved Document E advice
  • Office fit-out
  • Clinic fit-out
  • Plant noise assessment and report
  • Noise impact assessment for planning
  • Acoustic surveys London and the South East
  • Establishment of background or baseline noise levels
  • Plant noise emission assessments for building services
  • Third party technical review on behalf of local authorities
  • Liaison with local authority concerning planning applications
  • Preparation of acoustic reports for local authority submission
  • Obtaining relevant acoustic data as required to support planning applications
  • Building Regulations requirements design advice for residential new build or conversions
  • Specifications to achieve suitable privacy within the health sector/clinic environments
  • Pre completion sound insulation testing for building regulations
  • Third party accredited residential sound insulation testing
  • World Health Organisation guidelines advice
  • Retrospective noise impact assessment
  • BREEAM assessment and advice
  • Sound insulation design advice
  • Acoustic Survey London
  • Sound Testing

dBA Acoustics is third party accredited (SITMA sound testing scheme) to undertake pre completion sound insulation testing for building regulations in new and converted residential developments. Sound insulation testing undertaken in London and the Home Counties. Competitive prices quoted for sound testing in Middlesex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Fast turn around with report and results issued following the sound test.

Pre completion testing

As of 2003, Building Regulations part E1 requires that all new or converted residential dwellings (including adjoined houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes) achieve certain levels of sound insulation. The required sound insulation performance can be verified in one of two ways. Either through the adoption and validation of specific construction details used in their construction, known as Robust Details. Or alternately, if Robust Details are not adopted, the sound insulation performance of the development must be validated by means of on-site pre-completion testing. If this approach is adopted, it is the responsibility of the builder to arrange for suitable on-site pre-completion testing to be carried out by a suitably qualified and accredited tester or testing body.

There are three types of sound insulation test: an airborne wall test, an airborne floor test and an impact floor test. A full set of tests is comprised of 2 airborne wall tests, 2 airborne floor tests and 2 impact floor tests. For up to 10 dwellings 1 full set of tests is normally required. Tests are not required for adjacencies that do not exist i.e. for flats where there are no separating walls I set of tests is normally comprised of 2 airborne floor tests and 2 impact floor tests. Similarly, for semi-detached houses where there are no separating floors, 1 set of tests would normally be comprised of just 2 airborne wall tests. Tests are undertaken only between adjacent habitable rooms (i.e. living rooms and bedrooms). The extent and location of the separating partitions to be tested is set out in the general guidance contained in Approved Document E but ultimately at the discretion of Building Control.


The testing and rating procedure currently used is set out in the Standards BS EN ISO 140-4:1998; BS EN ISO 140-7:1998; BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 and BS EN ISO 717-2:1997

Pass or Fail?

Once testing has been completed a report and certification will be provided which can be submitted to Building Control. Should any part of the testing program fail to achieve the requirements then remedial measures will need to be implemented and re-testing undertaken to the satisfaction of Building Control.

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