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My name is David Fernleigh, I own and operate the independent acoustic consultancy dBA Acoustics. I believe in a common sense approach to the solution of acoustic challenges whilst working with Client expectations and within any legislative framework. The business does not incur the expense of commercial office space and is essentially paper free. As overheads are low it is possible to offer competitive fee rates whilst at the same time giving projects ample attention to detail. If/where necessary, specific or controversial issues can be further peer reviewed amongst a network of trusted professional colleagues. It is a matter of core policy that workload is efficiently managed and excess work is referred on, rather than overstretching resources.

DBA ACOUSTICS LIMITED trading as dBA Acoustics
Company registration number 11713113 registered in England and Wales
Registered office: Suite 1, 1st Floor, 42 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6DA
VAT number: 197 6941 43

Clients can be assured of both the value and quality of the acoustic services provided.

In pursuit of acoustic data I have been on many roofs, up cranes, down tunnels and over seas though I am just as happy working from my desk! I have designed and tested the acoustic elements of many schools, colleges, offices, clinics as well as residential flats and houses. Although I have gained particular experience in the education sector, work undertaken to date has generally been in the following areas:

Building acoustics

Building services noise control

Planning and environmental noise

Room acoustics

Structural testing

Construction noise

I have over 15 years experience in the industry, with 8 formative years spent working at Hann Tucker Associates, one of the leading UK independent acoustic consultancies, leaving in 2013 at principal consultant level. I hold a post-graduate IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and have been a Corporate Member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) since 2008. Working in acoustics can be challenging, absorbing and rewarding but when I get the chance I also enjoy film photography, printing, cinema, furniture making, gardening, music, fell walking, cycling and single malt whisky!

In case you were wondering the term dBA, often written dB(A), is a combination of dB for decibel and (A) for A-weighted. It is a classic unit symbol for A-weighted decibel, a historically common descriptor for a given magnitude of sound level, or sound level difference. For example 45 dB(A) would be a sound level of 45 decibels in the context of average human hearing. It relates specifically to a sound level that has been adjusted, or A- weighted, to take account of the way people are typically less sensitive to low frequency sound.

... and in case your were wondering about the background picture. It shows the massive 9 storey basement of the Caprice Gold, Istanbul, the first muslim hotel in Turkey and one of the largest hotels in Europe. The picture was taken during a site meeting to discuss acoustic aspects of the internal building fabric and specifically the partitions separating bedrooms. Unfortunately, the project stalled not long before completion due to legal issues with the developer.

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